Photo: Yoga Portraiture © Cynthia Sciberras

Photo: Yoga Portraiture © Cynthia Sciberras

Originally a California native, I currently have a diverse international base, between photographic rich Bali, the UAE and California. Photography as a passion and profession has evolved from a confluence of other deep-seated interests that keep me thriving… peoples' faces and expressions, yoga, the psychology of people, dancing, travel, vibrancy, love of physical form and more. They all get me excited, and any combination is pure delight.

A few basics tend to drive my photographic personality.

First, before shooting, nearly everyone (unless a model), tells me they’re uncomfortable being in front of the camera. But once I share a glimpse of what I see from behind the lens, they realize how absolutely empowering and uplifting the portrait process can be. It’s an honor and privilege to share this intimate experience with so many and to watch them discover that they transmit that incredible spark of vibrancy and beauty. This is one of my greatest joys and humble satisfactions of being behind the camera. There’s even a greater enjoyment when having to really draw someone out and create something they never thought possible for themselves. If that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know how I am constructed.

Next, is creating stories within the images by shooting in day-to-day environments and using natural light.  

And last but not least, I’m less interested in whether someone knows their angles. I’d rather catch the unguarded moment when the personality flashes an honest gesture or a beautifully uninhibited smile. That’s the authenticity of someone's "story" coming alive in the shot.

In addition to photography, I’m an intrepid traveler, grateful new mother, devoted yoga practitioner and 500 ERYT yoga teacher and yoga teachers' trainer.

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